Greece: P2P Lab and Tzoumakers


P2P Lab is a research collective focusing on the digital commons and cosmolocalism, the combination of which constitutes a novel mode of production. P2P Lab strives for integrative insights on open-source technologies and practices; writes, edits and publishes articles, reports, and books on a diverse range of topics; organises events for reflection and action as well as to educate people about critical and creative tools for society-changing.

The P2P Lab designs and implements projects using participatory and community-based methods and practices. It advances research and knowledge through the creation of spaces for creative resistance and commons-based alternatives. 

P2P Lab is the incubator of Tzoumakers, which is a community of farmers, activists and makers coming together in a fab lab located in Ioannina (Greece) to create open-source agricultural tools. Both P2P Lab and Tzoumakers are exemplary cases of open science, peer-to-peer learning and open-source agriculture.  

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