1st deliverable: Methodological report

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Digital Commons and the Politics of Technology TECHNO-SOCIAL INNOVATION IN THE COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY TECHNO-SOCIAL INNOVATION IN THE COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY Labour in the Digital Age. From Platform to Open Cooperativism A Post-Structural Analysis of the Collaborative Economy Τεχνοκοινωνικη καινοτομια και συνεργατικη οικονομια Presentation in The Open Project (Berlin) Graz Presentation Final Presentation


The digital commons, cosmolocalism, and open cooperativism: The cases of P2P Lab and Tzoumakers Prefiguring the counter-hegemony of open cooperativism: The case of Open Food Network The Transformative Potential of Platform Cooperativism:The Case of CoopCycle Universal Basic Income on Blockchain
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Supported by Hellenic Foundation of Research & Innovation | "TECHNO-SOCIAL INNOVATION AND COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY" (Grant N6039)