CategoryPlatform Cooperativism

UK: Open food network


Open food network has created an open-source software designed for food producers and community food hubs.
It is a networked e-commerce platform that facilitates local producers and farmers distribute their products without middlemen. Open food network is building an open-source commons of software and resources so that producers and communities can build fairer food systems.

France: Coop Cycle


CoopCycle is a federation of bike delivery co-ops. The CoopCycle association is a group of volunteers that help bikers to gather and organize. Since September 2017, they work on several topics, including the creation of an anti-capitalist economic model, based on the Commons; the development of the CoopCycle software (UI/UX, dev, trainings, docs, aso.); political lobbying, juridical toolbox...


Supported by Hellenic Foundation of Research & Innovation | "TECHNO-SOCIAL INNOVATION AND COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY" (Grant N6039)